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Twenty years as a photojournalist opened the door for me to travel the world and experience many life and career-defining moments. From the highs of that ‘Super Saturday’ during the London Olympics to meeting inspirational twelve-year-old boys at their football academy in Sierra Leone - listening to them recall their stories of survival and their hopes for a brighter future.

My photography is primarily about people and telling their stories which has naturally evolved into filmmaking.

My 2018 comedy short film, “Lycra Dad” is about a father’s struggle to win at all costs at his child’s school sports day. The idea for ‘Lycra Dad’ developed whilst observing the diverse mix of parents I was meeting dropping off my own kids at school and at nursery, and having taken part in the dad’s race myself (didn’t win).

My film “Heartland” and the photographs that accompany it are a study of grassroots rugby in Great Britain and the characters I discovered, from the passionate members who work tirelessly to raise funds for their clubs, to the menacing club captain delivering expletive filled team talks, and the beautiful surroundings this game is played in. It indulged my love of a road trip and for eating out and drinking the odd beer or two.

The detail in the mundane has always caught my eye, and led me to a new series, which I recently completed for The Sunday Times Magazine.
“What Happened To Shopping?” is a study of what was left behind when businesses and people deserted the high street and shopping centres of the U.K. I’ll no doubt be adding more to it unfortunately.

This year I’m chuffed to be in development of my first feature film, exciting times ahead for sure.

Commercial clients include:
Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Guinness, Reebok, Asics, Standard Life, Vitality, Unilever, and Google.