I once had a lesson to ride western style as a boy whilst visiting family in California, as well as discovering the joys and thrills of skateboarding and BMX.

Crashes and falls were numerous from all of these, some more spectacular than others! But a love of all things Americana was born.

The Marlboro Man may have disappeared from our everyday lives but he’s still out there working 7 days a week in all seasons. I had always wanted to experience the real cowboy life, so I travelled to Wisdom, Montana – (population 99).

Big Sky Country. The birthplace of the pioneer.

My series was published in the Cowboy quarterly magazine “RANGE”

A little while later I received a lovely note from a man called Don Canine.

“What a fantastic set of photographs. You captured the people and the area magnificently. Too often photographers shoot for the romantic side of ranch or buckaroo life and completely miss the reality. As a cowboy who formerly lived the life in Idaho, Colorado and Nevada I eventually became a truck driver who made numerousness trips to Wisdom and the Big Hole country including the Hirschy ranch. Bravo Sir a job well done!!!  With great respect….Don”.

Retouched by Shervorn Monaghan at The Laundry Room.